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Chris LaBrooy (UK) Intestine, 2014

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3D volumetric light display by Maximilian Mali can display animated 3D forms using POV method - video embedded below:

voLumen is a volumetric three dimensional LED display device. Its purpose is to project volumetric animations onto eyes of a human spectator …

… By quickly rotating thousands of LEDs around a common axis using a precise microprocessor-control-logic magic becomes a simple principle. The persistance of vision of the human eye enables the impression of a solid volumetric object. Using a speacially developed PC-Conversion software, animations and contents can be easily generated from 3D-Modelling/CAD software with just the press of a button! voLumen can be connected to a PC via USB to transfer the data to the 16GBytes of internal high-speed solid-state memory, which allows enough space for 36 minutes of smooth volumetric colourized 3D playback!

More Here

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How to suddenly become Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat…

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50 ducks invaded a CVS in New York, but they were extremely well behaved.

and they all want sun chips

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